Care before Brit Milah (list of items)

Here you will find important information about the preparation for the BritMilah, as well as a list with all items needed for this great day (see at the end):

Where is the BritMilah performed?
The surgical act and religious ceremony can be held anywhere you choose: in the baby’s room, in the living room of your home, in the playground of the building or in a ballroom.

What clothes should the baby wear at the ceremony?
There is no special recommendation as to the type (overalls, sweater, body, trousers) or color of clothes for the baby. To facilitate, it is interesting that the bottom of the clothing would open with either buttons or ticks.

Where is the baby at the time of BritMilah?
The baby is lying on a pillow and this pillow will be placed on a table.

In addition, the parents and grandparents of the baby, where will they be?
The baby’s parents stand next to the mohel during the BritMilah. If they wish, the grandparents can stay close (as well as all the guests), next to the parents.

Who takes the baby to the BritMilah site?
The parents of the baby choose whom they want to take the baby to where the circumcision will be, after the baby’s preparation. The godmother then hands the baby over to the godfather (or godparents), who will place the baby on the pillow.

Who holds the baby at the time of BritMilah?
The parents of the baby, by themselves or together with other members of the family, choose a person who will hold him at the time of the BritMilah. This person (man or woman) is the Sandik or Sandak.

Moreover, photographs and movies are allowed, during the BritMilah?
No doubt. Photos and videos are welcome

Following, you have a list of items required for the BritMilah :

– 1 tube of Nebacetin cream;
– 2 to 3 packages of sterile gauze (7.5 x 7.5cm);
– 1 bottle of Novalgina Drops adult or Tylenol Drops (Novalgina is more effective but you can use Tylenol at the discretion of the pediatrician or in cases of parents allergy to Novalgina);
– Pacifiers (even if you do not intend to use them later, only for baby’s kiddush);
– Disposable diapers (any type);
– Large pillow (same as sleeping pillow, pillowcase does NOT have to be white);
– Baby cleaning material: cotton, warm water, wet wipes (if you already use them – not required);
– Kosher wine (red, rosé or white);
– Kiddush glass (if you will serve wine to all the guests, provide small ones for all);
– Tallit for the Sandik (baby’s father and grandparents can wear tallit during the ceremony if they so wish);
– Table where the pillow will be placed during the ceremony;
– Photo Camera (any type): remember that the BritMilah is a unique ceremony that will never be repeated!